CCU 2022.12.15.16706 Full_PNP_Online Update 20-02-2023

Update log 2023-02-20

Optimize the diskless service and reduce memory usage
Solve the blue screen problem in specific scenarios
Solve the problem of slow batch startup in specific scenarios
Solve the problem of slow virtual disk speed measurement in specific scenarios
Solve the problem of slow client reconnection after restarting the diskless service


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[Update log on December 15, 2022]

Key updates:

Improve the reading speed of virtual disks in 2.5G and 10G network environments, and some environments have a maximum increase of more than 50%.
Solve the problem that the client cannot start when the motherboard turns on TPM.
Support NVIDIA new graphics card and intel arc series driver PNP
. Other updates:
support in The server sets the virtual memory of the client computer, optimizes the personal disk, and changes the automatic cleaning time to 180
days by default
. Rules, when setting the download disk, it is allowed to add optimization menu automatic archive rules from the game disk, increase the single archive size limit to 1G , optimize terminal display list rules, support viewing the last startup mode, optimize three-layer comparison temporary directory setting rules, and avoid setting to the installation disk After that, it caused the software to work abnormally. Solved the problem that the memory cache of the server setting above 2T did not take effect. Solved the problem that the computer with the same configuration could not start after a specific motherboard (Gigabyte B450M S2H) was powered on under win7)

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